Product Launch

Introduce your new products to the market. From planning to execution, we can help you build anticipation, generate buzz, and drive sales. We identify target audiences, create compelling marketing campaigns, and ensure a smooth product launch. Increase your chances of success and create a strong foundation for long-term growth.

Intensive Keyword, Competitor, And Market Research

Launching a new product can be performed improperly. This is why we take precautions and dedicate resources to intense research to give your product and brand the best chance of success while minimizing costs and waste.

Omni-Channel Ready

Once we determine what platforms are suited best for your product launch, we get everything in place and prepare for takeoff. Your products are ready on the platforms awaiting strategy and the green light.


We develop a unique strategy to win over customers, combat against vicious competitor attacks, and implement a diet of sorts to maintain a healthy, consistent position across platforms.

Clear for Takeoff

Once our formula is applied and our strategy is in place, we follow through with hitting the launch button and we watch the results...We will analyze market response and pivot if need be.

Questions About Product Launch

What's the cost to launch?

Pricing depends on how BIG you want to go. Anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000+ - Contact us as pricing is never accurate unless we understand what you need and provide you a personal quote.

What are some strategies that have worked well?

We are fully transparent to our paying clients. But here's something to chew on. Have a good product and a budget that is at least 50x the amount of the product.

What platforms do you launch on?

Well, what's your product? If it's an air fryer, you would want to be on Amazon, Walmart, Target, as well as deal sites and more...Get in touch!

How long does a launch take?

Launching isn't long, but the research is important to get right. We take as much time as we need to be confident. Under 2 weeks typically.

What if we launch and we don't sell out?

Unfortunately this happens and it's a low percentage. Either we try again or not. In the end, we together gave your product the best chance. Additionally, if we have low confidence in your product, we will advise not working with you.

Who will manage my products on all these platforms?

Either you, or us.