Gaia Coffee Case Study

ABOUT: Gaia Coffee is a haven for coffee lovers. A place where you can shop a curated selection of specialty coffees sourced from around the world.

The Challenge

The client came to us requesting a design makeover, e-commerce web development and to build a storefront efficient in converting sales with automated workflows to recover lost sales and to increase AOV and LCV.

We Conquered

We built a true e-commerce powerhouse beautiful in design and loaded with features. We set up customer retention systems, customer loyalty systems, systems to increase Average Order Value, Average Lifetime Value, redesigned and configured an efficient and high-converting Subscribe & Save program, funnels, bundles, live support, custom code features, we created video content, copywriting, high-converting product pages, creative and strategic psychological triggers, custom forms, automations for cart recovery, automations for tagging customers based on spend, and loads of e-commerce tricks of the trade to maximize the client's sales potential. We ran a comprehensive SEO strategy and implemented best practices with deep attention to detail to help the client acquire organic traffic. We set out to create the best customer experience possible for the user as well as on the admin backend.


We went for colors that embrace the natural, earthy, and of course coffee palate while being mindful and avoiding the harshness of bold dark and bright colors. In this more muted yet memorable palate, the brand is distinguished from the competition and remained aligned with previous coloring that couldn't be changed such as packaging and logo.