FLYBUY Case Study

ABOUT: Flybuy Goods offers crazy deals on popular consumer products. They sell all kinds of items ranging from kitchen appliances to beauty gadgets.

The Challenge

The client came to us requesting web development and product sourcing as well as consulting services to identify opportunties in the marketplace.

We Conquered

We built a miniature Amazon, except with one seller and a ginormous fleet of deals, set up customer service, loyalty systems, and Google Shopping campaigns. We helped the client launch their products on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Newegg, and other sites. One product was a #1 new release within the first 10 days and another product was "Amazon's Choice" and surpassed a competitor listing with years to their advantage as well nearly 40k+ more reviews and we were still able to dominate the results page. We ran super successful PPC campaigns at 6% ACOS and had $15k days during the Holiday Season.

What the Client Says..

Our website orders don't stop coming in due to the amazing work by Sellery. We are unable to keep up with demand both on our website and on other sales platforms like Amazon and Walmart. We launched many products and all were successes. The value we received is beyond anything you'll find at other companies. They go above and beyond and are serious about getting us results. We are blessed to have worked with Jason at Sellery.

- Founder of Flybuy Goods