Consulting +

We offer consulting services that are more than just plain "consulting". We attack problems like surgeons operating on nanoparticles. In other words, we are careful, detailed, well researched, and capable of complex problems.

Problem Identification

Before we investigate, research, and fix, we need to understand the problem. During our initial meeting, we will listen, learn, and digest the situation.

Time to Think

Once we completely understand your issue, we go off the grid for a short time to conquer the root problem and draft up a solution to crush the case for good. We haven't faced an issue we couldn't solve.

Perfection Requires Precision.

Like the best surgeon, we go as deep as necessary to uproot the problem at its core. We deliver the solution and leave no scar.

Solved. Next?

We'll wrap up our service like we were never there and we will be ready to take on the next challenge you throw at us.

Questions About Consulting

What do you consult for?

Anything really, however we have a team specialized in e-commerce, business, and brand development. We can also help with flying you to mars if that's what you really want.

How do you charge?

Consulting fees are either charged hourly or by project. This will all depend on various factors. We go over pricing in our first meeting to not waste any time.

How do you measure success?

We either fix your problem or we don't.

Do you have case studies?

Contact us to learn about our past clients.

What makes you better than other consultants?

We set clear expectations upfront, we are reasonably priced, we do an outstanding job. Want your problems fixed? Contact us.

Can you keep our relationship confidential?

We respect the privacy of our clients and never discuss our projects to anyone outside of you and the direct team involved. We always get your written permission before disclosing project details for the purpose of case studies and client success presentations.