The Power of Shopify's Compare At Price Feature

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The Power of Shopify's Compare At Price Feature

The Genius of Shopify Compare At Price Feature

What is Shopify Compare At Price?

Have you ever been enthusiastically window shopping online, only to spot a big, bright, red 'SALE' sign? Your heart might have pumped a little faster at the sight of the very product you've had your eye on, suddenly available at a sharp discount. This is precisely the emotion that Shopify's "Compare At" price seeks to trigger, and guess what? It's indeed very effective! This little gem takes your digital shopping experience to another level by showing your site visitors both a "compare at" price alongside a product's actual price. This makes it crystal clear how much they can save, thus driving more sales.

Why Use the Compare At Price Feature?

The AVG Joe or Jane has a soft spot for deals, and saving a couple of bucks on purchases is almost always welcome. To put it lightly, we love to feel like we just hit the bargain jackpot! And this is where Shopify's 'Compare At' price comes into play—it powerfully nudges online window shoppers to transform into eager buyers. Here's the fact of the matter: anything that drives conversions and increases sales is worthy of a hearty round of applause in the world of ecommerce, right? So, isn't it about time you put this tool in your Shopify toolbox?

How to Implement the Compare At Price Feature in Shopify

Implementing the "compare at" price in your Shopify accounts doesn’t require much heavy lifting. It's as simple as ABC—just add a “compare at” price to any of your products in Shopify via your Admin server. Sherpa Everest couldn't do it any better! Here's a brief run-down of the process: navigate to 'Products' in your Shopify admin, click on the name of the product you want to add a "Compare At" Price, then put it in the 'Pricing' section under 'Compare at Price'. Voilà, your customers are now one step closer to feeling like they’ve scored a fantastic deal!

Guidelines for Using the Compare At Price

While the lure of increasing sales and conversions through the Compare At price feature is charming, it’s crucial to use this tool responsibly. Don't be that shop owner who keeps a perpetual 'sale' on, only to show a higher "compare at" price. This can damage your credibility and could lead to shoppers rolling their eyes at your 'sale' signs. In other words, you risk turning into the boy who cried 'sale'. Not good, right?

1%er Takeaway

Utilizing Shopify's Compare At price feature can up your ecommerce game by leaps and bounds if done right. It's a powerful psychological tool that tempts your customers with a good deal and then nudges them to secure it. It's like telling them "Come on, you're almost there! Just a few more clicks and the deal's yours!" If you are a growing business seeking an efficient partner to help you hack growth and harness the potential of tools like Shopify's "Compare At" price, Sellery Digital should be your first call. With expert knowledge of ecommerce and digital marketing, Sellery Digital stands at the tip of the digital marketing sphere, ready to provide you with the tools and expertise needed for your business's ascent.
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