By Abe Kessed

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Here's a list of 30 email topics to implement in-sequence to increase your store's conversion rate. Send one per day to your list.

Email 1: Introduction to your brand. Talk about yourself.

Email 2: Today's Featured Product: [Insert product name and image]

Email 3: How [Insert product name] Can Improve Your [Insert problem solved by product]

Email 4: Customer Testimonial: [Insert quote from a happy customer]

Email 5: Exclusive Discount for Our Email Subscribers: [Insert coupon code]

Email 6: How to Style [Insert product name] for Any Occasion

Email 7: Why [Insert brand name] is the Best Choice for [Insert product category]

Email 8: Introducing New Colors/Sizes of [Insert product name]

Email 9: Limited Time Offer: Free Shipping on [Insert product name]

Email 10: How to Care for Your [Insert product name] to Ensure Longevity

Email 11: Don't Miss Out on Our [Insert product name] Sale

Email 12: Get the Complete Look: Coordinating [Insert product name] Accessories

Email 13: Customer Q&A: Commonly Asked Questions about [Insert product name]

Email 14: Gift Guide: [Insert product name] for Every Budget

Email 15: How [Insert product name] Can Help You Achieve Your [Insert goal related to product]

Email 16: Special Promotion: Buy [Insert product name] and Get [Insert complimentary product or service]

Email 17: Introducing [Insert new product name]

Email 18: Why [Insert brand name] is Different from Other [Insert product category] Brands

Email 19: How to Use [Insert product name] for Maximum Results

Email 20: Our Promise to You: [Insert brand's commitment to customer satisfaction]

Email 21: Get Your Hands on the Hottest Trend: [Insert product name]

Email 22: Exclusive Access: Sneak Peek at Upcoming Products

Email 23: Customer Appreciation Day: [Insert special promotion or sale]

Email 24: How to Save Money on [Insert product name]

Email 25: We're Thankful for You: [Insert customer appreciation message]

Email 26: Last Chance to Save: [Insert end of sale or limited time offer]

Email 27: How [Insert product name] Can Help You Reach Your New Year's Resolutions

Email 28: New Year, New You: [Insert product or category] to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Email 29: Flash Sale: [Insert special promotion or limited time offer]

Email 30: Thank You for Being a Valued Customer: [Insert final message and call to action to shop or continue engaging with the brand]

Note that this is a general email sequence, it should be personalized and tailored to match the brand's tone of voice and message that they want to convey to their audience. Additionally, it is recommended to segment the email list and tailor the messaging to cater for different audiences as well. Brands can measure the effectiveness of this email campaign by tracking open and click-through rates, conversions, and overall engagement. Based on the results, tweaks and refinements can be made to optimize the email campaign for better performance.


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