Hitting Pause on Shopify: A Guide for Making a Smart E-Commerce Platform Switch

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Hitting Pause on Shopify: A Guide for Making a Smart E-Commerce Platform Switch

Planning to Hit Pause On Shopify? Here's What You Should Know

Reasons Behind the Unsubscribe Button

Is Shopify proving to be less "Shop-i-Fab" and more "Shop-i-Drab" for you? Don't fret. You're allowed to be choosy about your e-commerce platform—it's a big world out there replete with options. Maybe the monthly fees are taking huge bites out of your profits, or perhaps you've simply found another platform that gives your business a better ignition spark. Whatever the reason, it's okay to wave goodbye to Shopify—if done wisely.

The Break-Up Process: How to Cancel Your Shopify Subscription

Here's the thing: there's a method to cutting ties with Shopify, and it doesn't involve ghosting. Select "Settings", "Billing", and then scroll down to "Cancel Subscription." You'll be asked to give your reason for leaving—however, owning up to it isn't a requisite. Shopify simply uses the feedback to help future users (wouldn't it be great if all break-ups were this mature?).

The Aftermath: What to Expect After Cancelling Your Subscription

Shopify tends to leave a door ajar in case you plan for a grand return. If you choose to reactivate the account, everything you had will be right there, waiting — products, designs, data, the works! The only thing that won't wait is your custom domain, so just remember to switch up those DNS settings!

But... Have You Truly Explored Other Options?

Before you sever ties completely, let's get real for a hot minute - have you truly explored the alternatives to Shopify? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? Do they offer a bang for the buck spent in fees?

1%er Takeaway

The point here is to urge you to weigh your e-commerce decisions thoughtfully and intelligently — just like we, at Sellery Digital, operate. We might be a tad biased, but we believe we offer some of the most sophisticated tools for any growing business looking to carve an unbeatable presence in the digital marketplace. If you're a growing business ready to soar, come partner with Sellery Digital. We are the growth hackers with the tools and expertise to help climb the ladder of success, and continue towards exponential growth. Sure, Shopify might not be your perfect fit — but we make it our business to be. So, why not consider us for your next digital endeavor? Remember, the best choose the best—and, at Sellery, we're always aiming to refine the art of growth.
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