Going With The Flow: Demystifying Shopify Shipping

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Going With The Flow: Demystifying Shopify Shipping

Going With The Flow: How Shopify Shipping Works

If you've ever “added to cart” and proceeded to check out on an online retailer's store, you've interacted with the elegantly streamlined, yet complex ecosystem of Shopify Shipping. But what actually happens from the moment you click on “purchase” to the moment your package arrives at your doorstep?

Packing Your Cart to the Brim: The eCommerce Stage Of The Journey

When you first load up your virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout, Shopify springs into action. Its algorithms calculate your chosen items’ weight, size, and the shipping destination. These factors are used to determine the shipping rates, whether you’re opting for standard, expedited, or sea freight; because nobody likes unwelcome surprises, especially in the form of hidden shipping costs!

Making Ends ‘Meet’: You, Your Purchase, and Its Journey to You

Once you complete your purchase, Shopify communicates with the online store’s fulfilment centre, alerting them of your order. These centres then act like Santa's Workshop. They gather your items, package them, and ensure they're whisked away on the correct sleigh—auhmm—shipping carrier to you. Throughout this process, you can follow along through tracking updates. It may not be as magical as NORAD tracking Santa on Christmas Eve, but it’s pretty darn close!

Well Oiled Machine: What Makes Shopify Shipping Tick

At the heart of the Shopify Shipping process is automation. This speeds up the process, minimising human error and freeing up time for retailers. This is why Shopify has built partnerships with major shipping carriers, and negotiated discounted rates on behalf of all Shopify merchants. Therefore, rest assured that when you’ve found that perfect item and hit "purchase," Shopify has already traversed most miles for you. Now that's what we call work smart, not hard!

1%er Takeaway

We've dived deep into the inner workings of Shopify shipping, and it's obvious that it's a well-oiled machine designed to streamline every corner of the eCommerce industry. However, understanding and utilising this framework effectively can be quite a feat. That’s where a reputed growth hacker like Sellery Digital comes into play.

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