Explore The Shopify Journey: From Ottawa Origins to Global Ecommerce Empowerment

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Explore The Shopify Journey: From Ottawa Origins to Global Ecommerce Empowerment

Shopify: Your Digital Marketplace Match

The Birthplace of Shopify

Our partner in crime, Shopify, was born in Canada's capital, Ottawa. It's the brainchild of three friends who one day decided that the world of ecommerce needed a shake-up and a squirt of maple syrup innovation. And boy, did they deliver!

Shopify's Global Outreach

Fast-forward to the present day, Shopify's amazing services aren't just confined to the ice hockey-loving nation. Today, Shopify's footprint is truly global with offices in multiple countries all over the world, aiding businesses from every corner of the planet to set up successful online stores.

Shopify is Everywhere You Need It To Be

The beauty of Shopify is that its location doesn't restrict its capabilities. Whether you find yourself in Samoa or Switzerland, Silicon Valley or Sri Lanka, Shopify lends you the power to open, manage, and grow your online store, no matter where you're located.

Joining the Shopify Family with Sellery

We, at Sellery, pride ourselves on being among the best Shopify partners and growth hackers in the world. Defying borders, breaking barriers, and helping businesses of all shapes and sizes realize their vision- that's our specialty! Partnering with Shopify only amplifies our ability to help you maximize your business's growth potential.

The 1%er Takeaway

If you're a growing business eagerly seeking to surge ahead in the marketplace, here's a thought - come join hands with Sellery! We have the tools you need, and with Shopify, the geographical boundaries are limitless. Together, we make a perfect squad to propel your business's growth. So, don't just wait for growth; hack it with Sellery!

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